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Linkage Hotels & Apartments saving you time and money.

Linkage Hotels & Apartments is an independent company who provides accommodation for people working away from home be it for 1 night or 1 year.  

When you use the
Linkage Preferred Rates then our services to you are FREE.

Arriving in a new city you may have little idea of the geography of the area.  How then can you know what hotels or apartments or hostels are within your working radius?   

Even if you do get a list of these beforehand how can you be expected to know which will offer the best package for the time you are in town and the type of accommodation you want for yourself and your team?

If you have worked in the area before it is very likely that new places will have opened and perhaps offer even better deals.

Linkage Hotels & Apartments is independent we do not promote individual accommodation. However, I can confirm that we have excellent relationships with many of the top chains around the world such as Accor Hotels, Britannia Hotels, Central Island Hotels and Premier Inns.

For apartments we use top companies including Stay Apartments, based around the globe including USA & Canada, Bridge Street again based globally - the list goes on....

EuroHostel is a global company that ranks among the best.

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Whether you are staying away from home for 1 night or a weekend, a week, a month or longer finding suitable accommodation is very time consuming.  

Trawling the internet to find the best options for the dates you are travelling and the town / city you are going to can take hours; time wasted when you have more important things to do. Now, we can help you.

With 20 years experience in sourcing hotels and serviced apartments,
Linkage Hotels & Apartments has the expertise, whatever your group size, to source your needs or budget.

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